Married Couples Ministry

The goal of the STBC Married Couples Ministry is to strengthen marriages through Biblical principles, increase our understanding of husband and wife roles in God’s order, and understand the role of the family in the church.

At STBC, we are not hoping for good marriages, we want all our couples to enjoy great marriages. If marriages are just good, couples will not thrive to make them great because they get by. We enrich couples to desire and achieve great marriages.

We sponsor marriage enrichment courses to help couples build their relationships. We also sponsor fellowship activities (currently) bi-monthly to help build relationships between couples. The courses as well as the fellowships are open to all married couples.

Ministry Description

The STBC Married Couples Ministry  seeks to meet the concerns of both partners while strengthening and stabilizing marriages, Enabling couples to go the distance to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Ministry Purpose

STBC Married Couples Ministry aims to help build Godly marriages by providing tools for improving communication and pursuing intimacy in marriage. Helping couples understand each other’s language of love so that husbands and wives will feel loved and appreciated in the language they understand.

Ministry Mission

Fellowship – to strengthen the relationships between couples and can learn from one another.
Prayer – Real intimacy starts with pouring out our hearts to God. We come together to take out time to pray for our marriages.
Workshops – aim to address major marital issues. These sessions provide us with practical tool that can help enhance and build stronger marriages.

Why Participate in this ministry

Marriage is God’s idea and he has a purpose and plan for each marriage. He calls us to become one and model the relation between Jesus and the church. Strong marriages create a strong foundation for our children and are a strong model in passing the legacy of christlikeness to the next generation.

To Get Involved

Bro & Sis Peter/Kelly Gower  Phone:(908) 674- 3622 / (908) 674- 3477
Bro & Sis Ogo/Oge Okaro    Phone: (201) 218-6225/   (201) 838-5010