Be the Light at the Door: First Impressions Ministry at Spirit Temple

Every encounter matters. Every smile speaks volumes. Be the first light that shines, the first hand that welcomes, the first voice that whispers “you’re home” at Spirit Temple. Join the First Impressions Ministry and make a difference right from the threshold.

We may be called “First Impressions,” but our impact lasts far beyond that initial hello. We are the bridge between the outside world and the warmth of our sacred space. We are the embodiment of Christ’s love, radiating kindness and hospitality to everyone who walks through our doors.

More than smiles and handshakes:

Forget stiff greetings and forced smiles. In the First Impressions Ministry, we paint the canvas of welcome with vibrant brushstrokes of kindness, care, and genuine connection. We are the first faces, the gentle voices, the outstretched hands that bridge the gap between the outside world and the warmth of our sacred space.

More than a ministry, a family:

As part of First Impressions, you join a team of dedicated individuals who believe in the power of a warm welcome. We share laughter, support each other, and grow together in faith. We are not just colleagues, we are a family bound by our shared mission and the joy of service.

Are you ready to make a difference?

If you have a heart for hospitality, a smile that lights up a room, and a desire to share the love of Christ, then we invite you to join the First Impressions Ministry. You’ll find more than just a ministry; you’ll find a purpose, a community, and the chance to be the first light that guides others towards home.

We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our ranks. Make a difference, one smile at a time.

Remember, you hold the key to opening hearts and doors. Be the light at the threshold, and join the First Impressions Ministry at Spirit Temple.