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Day 1 (01/03/2022) Prayer Points

  1. Give thanks to God for bringing us into the new year of bountiful blessings and our year of Expansion (Bigger and Better) Thank Him for preserving every member of your family and STBC family. Give him praise for all He has done and greater things He will do in this new year according to Psalm 98:4–8, Isaiah 55:12
  2. Pray that God’s divine purpose, plan and agenda for your life and for STBC will be established by divine order with no interference or delay. Decree full delivery of God’s manifold blessings upon your life and STBC according to Jeremiah 33:3, Jeremiah 29:11
  3. Pray against every oppression of principalities and powers against God’s plan for your life and the continuous growth of STBC in 2022. Decree it is null and void in Jesus name according to Isaiah 54:17, Mathew 16:18–19
  4. By the everlasting blood of Jesus Christ decree vengeance on all the gods of the land resisting the gospel of Jesus Christ and the growth of STBC according to Revelation 12:11
  5. Pray against any covering that has been placed over people, preventing them from coming to STBC. Decree every veil be removed so men can see what God is doing in STBC according to Isaiah 25:7
  6. Release the fire of the Holy Ghost over every agency of darkness that tries to derail or delay the growth of the ministry and the people of God in STBC according to Mathew 11:12
  7. Pray against any forces of the enemy working against your life, family, destiny and the growth of STBC. Enforce the victory of Jesus Christ over this ministry, over your life and your destiny according to 1 John 4:4
  8. Banish the spirit of infirmity in STBC in the name of Jesus. Decree that none will be sick in our midst. Decree supernatural health to everyone connected to STBC according to Exodus 15:26, Isaiah 33:24
  9. Decree open doors for everyone connected to STBC. No member of STBC would experience any form of lack. The grace for increase, prosperity, and overflow of abundance is released upon every branch of STBC according to 2 Corinthians 9:8–11
  10. Decree increased favor, wisdom, understanding, insight, prosperity, supernatural strength, joy, increase, abundance, and lifting for Apostle Ese Duke, the angel of the house. Pray that God will announce him to the nations, kings will come to the brightness of his light, and that miracles signs and wonders will follow him all the days of his life. Decree and declare divine protection over his life and his family according to Isaiah 60:3–5

The peace of God that passes all human understanding rest and abide with you as you journey with us in this period of fasting and prayer in Jesus name.

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