You are currently viewing Day 19 (June 23, 2023) Prayer Points

Day 19 (June 23, 2023) Prayer Points

Good morning and Blessings to you.


  1. Thank God for triumph, victory, and rest on every side. 1 Corinthians 15:57
  2. Thank God for His manifold grace, answers to prayers, and manifestation of your breakthroughs and desires. 2 Corinthians 9:8
  3. Thank God for elevation, promotion, increase, and abundance upon your life. Corinthians 4:17
  4. Thank God for grace, tenacity, courage, and supernatural strength to wait upon Him, focus on Him and follow through with His instructions. Psalm 27:14
  5. Thank God for the manifestation of the benefits of waiting upon Him according to His Word in Isaiah 40:31
  6. Pray that God will do a new thing in the lives of every member of STBC. Pray that their hunger and zeal for God will increase to a higher dimension and that everyone will commit to winning souls for Christ. Acts 2:17, 2 Corinthians 5:18
  7. Pray that God will put in you the compassion for lost souls so you can be an effective witness for Christ. Mathew 9:35–36
  8. Pray that you will remain aware of the presence of God in you and take the responsibility to release it everywhere you go. Exodus 33:14
  9. Pray that God will grant you the grace to keep your thoughts and words in line with the Word of God so He can flow through you freely. Psalm 19:14
  10. Pray that God will grant you the grace to walk and remain in love towards everyone. Pray that you will commit to walk by the spirit and not by flesh. Galatians 5:16
  11. Pray that the flocks of men and women coming into STBC will embrace the Word, be rooted in the Word and will stay in the house. Ezekiel 36:37–38


The glory and the presence of God will overshadow you and you will be a blessing to many in Jesus’ name.

~ Apostle Ese Duke~

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