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Day 5 (01/07/2022) Prayer Points

  1. Bless the Lord for His sustaining power and the enablement to wait in His presence. Thank Him for all the spiritual blessings and benefits in Christ Jesus according to Ephesians 1:3
  2. Pray that bountiful testimonies and harvest of blessings will abound in the lives of every STBC member and that every test will become a testimony to the glory of God the Father according to Psalm 34:18–19
  3. Pray that every negative pattern and every stubborn issue will be destroyed completely by the power of the Holy Ghost and there will be no repetition of any evil pattern in your life according to Mathew 11:12
  4. Pray that every branch of STBC and every member and partner of the ministry will be established and prosperous in every area of life so that we may abound unto every good work according to 1 Peter 5:10–11
  5. Decree & declare that we will not experience any form of loss in 2022. Every arrow of death, affliction, calamity and infirmity is broken by the power of the Holy Ghost.  Every hidden agenda of the enemy is exposed and overturned by the blood of Jesus according to Psalm 118:15–17
  6. Decree and declare that STBC is a house flowing with milk & honey, abundance of harvest of souls, abundance of resources, and cheerful givers to the agenda of God. We will experience constant  overflow of joy and celebration in and out of season according to Zechariah 1:17
  7. Pray that international doors will open up for Apostle Ese Duke. Pray that the Lord will enlarge his sphere of influence supernaturally and that his wisdom would be sort after by kings, rulers and men in authority so he can provide spiritual counsel and guidance to them through the Word of God according to 1 Kings 4:34 and Mark 1:37
  8. Pray that there will be a breaking out of every limitation and anything that holds people back from fulfilling their destiny in life. Decree that none will be small or weak in our midst by the power of the Holy Spirit according to Isaiah 60:22
  9. Pray that you and your church STBC will experience peace on every side, multiplied grace, favor, and exponential growth in 2022 by the supernatural hand of God according to Joshua 21:44–45
  10. Pray that our youths, young adults, and children will remain steadfast in the love of God and the zeal of God. They will be good examples worthy of emulation and will shine as the light of the world wherever they go. They will be influencers and leaders, set apart for God and His agenda according to 2 Timothy 3:14–15

You are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved by God. Remain in His love as you bask in the warmth of His presence in Jesus name.

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