You are currently viewing Day 20 (June 24, 2023) Prayer Points

Day 20 (June 24, 2023) Prayer Points

Good morning and Blessings to you.


  1. Rejoice, give thanks, raise a banner of praise unto God for His faithfulness, His loving kindness, and all the benefits He has loaded you with. Give thanks for what He has done and what He is yet to do. Psalm 118:24, Psalm 107:31
  2. Thank God for answers to prayers and the speedy manifestations of results. Jeremiah 33:3
  3. Thank God for total recovery, total restoration, advancement in every area of your life, and for the ministry. Joel 2:25–32
  4. Thank God for the manifestation of His presence and for making you a carrier of His presence. You will walk in that consciousness and will release His presence everywhere you go. Isaiah 10:27
  5. Thank God for the mark of exemption over your family and career/business from evil, danger, sickness, disease, lack, poverty, and disaster. You belong to Goshen so you are untouchable. Psalm 91:3–7
  6. Thank God for the success, growth, and expansion of STBC church branches and home churches all over the world. The hand of the Lord will continue to rest upon every home church in their locations for greater impact. Psalm 90:17
  7. Thank God for the speedy manifestation of multiplied grace, wealth, abundance, resources, and flocks of men and women in STBC. Acts 19:20
  8. Thank God that no one among us shall be weak, feeble, or broke. You cannot be sick. You cannot be broke, and you cannot be weak. Grace is multiplied to you. The least shall become a thousand and the smallest a mighty nation. Psalm 105:37, Isaiah 60:22
  9. Thank God that the glorious supernatural months, weeks, and days ahead in 2023 are loaded with blessings and good news. The remaining half of the year 2023 will bring forth miracles, signs, wonders, testimonies, and breakthroughs. You will have a reason to testify every day. You will be congratulated and celebrated in Jesus’ name. John 12:32
  10. Thank God and celebrate the flocks of men and women coming into STBC according to God’s Word in Ezekiel 37:37–38
  11. Thank God for your man of God. Thank God for strength, increased glory, higher dimensions of the anointing, grace, dominion, and higher level of operation. Give Him thanks for what He is doing in and through your man of God.  Give Him praise.

The Lord bless, reward, and establish you for your faithfulness, dedication, and commitment. Keep the fire burning. Keep the light shining and keep the love flowing through you.

~ Apostle Ese Duke~

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