21 Days of Revival 2021

Day 18 Prayer Points

June 18, 2021


Good morning and Blessings to you!


Prayer points for today:


1) Thank God for His unending love, grace and mercy toward you. Thank Him for all the spiritual blessings He Has bestowed on you.

Lamentations 3:2224


2) Give God praise for victory over the enemy and over every circumstances and challenges through the knowledge of his Word. You are an overcomer and have been destined to win.

2 Corinthians 2:1416


3) Thank God for granting us a peaceful transition of power and inauguration in 2021.

Psalm 103:1


4) Pray that the fear of God will reign in the hearts of men that they will hear the word of God and be compelled by His love to surrender to Jesus. It is God’s will that none would perish but that all would come to repentance.

Jeremiah 32:40


5) Pray that God will grant you the grace to increase in your giving, tithing, seed sowing, and generosity toward others in 2021.

2 Corinthians 9:1015


6) Pray that God will grant you a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving in everything for this is the will of God for you. Refuse to complain, grumble, murmur or criticize, no matter what.

Philippians 4:1213


7) Pray that God will give you the grace to rest in His peace and in His Word so you would remain unmovable, unshakable, fully grounded in His love and grace. Walking in love and forbearance toward one another.

Colossians 3:1516

Ephesians 6:1018


8) Pray that every service to God would be as unto him not as unto man, not for recognition but for His glory so that Jesus might be exalted.

Colossians 3:17


9) Pray that your faith will increase in this season and that your faith will produce results to the glory of God as you follow the principles of seed time and harvest.

James 1:24


10) Pray that your life will continue to soar like an eagle even after this period of waiting upon the Lord. That you will remain fully alert in the spirit and fully aware of the presence and power of God everywhere you go and in everything you do.

Isaiah 30:41

1 Peter 1:13


11) Thank God for the flocks of men and women coming into STBC by his supernatural power.

Ezekiel 36:3738


God bless you, strengthen and keep you as you remain connected to the vine.


See you tonight @ 7pm

Spirit Temple Bible Church

1020 Evans Street

Bethlehem, Pa 18105